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Southern Fabrication Specialties Has Frac Tank for Sale


Our experienced team here at Southern Fabrication Specialties has the ability to manufacture frac tanks that are designed to fit the unique needs of our customers.


What are frac tanks?

Frac tanks are tanks that have traditionally been used to temporarily store liquids for drilling, fracturing, and completion of wells. Most commonly, frac tanks have been used to store water for frac operations, which is where the name “frac tank” comes from. In fracking operations, tanks are used to store large volumes of water, that will eventually be pumped down into the well to fracture the formation. Sand is also introduced with the water and that is what holds the fracture open.

Frac tanks are designed to hold liquid, but not haul liquid. Because of this, they have been designed with axels in the back that allow them to be hauled empty to a jobsite by semi-truck or winch truck. When the tanks are offloaded on-site, they sit flat on the ground and are very stable. Standard frac tanks are designed to hold 500 bbls or 21,000 gallons of liquid.


Can I use frac tanks outside of the oil and gas industry?

While frac tanks were originally designed for the hydraulic fracturing in oil and gas exploration, today they’re also used for many different applications outside of the gas and oil industry. In fact, they can be useful in almost every industry.

Some of these uses can include:

  • Water storage
  • Storm water storage
  • Water treatment systems
  • Wastewater storage
  • Fertilizer storage
  • Manure storage
  • Waste oil storage
  • Oil storage
  • Diesel storage
  • Chemical storage
  • De-icing agents
  • Sanitizing liquids and more



Can frac tanks be customized to fit my specific needs?

While frac tanks can be used for many different purposes, not all frac tanks are created equal. Frac tanks have the ability to be built with many different configurations for many different jobs. Because of all of the different uses for frac tanks, our specialized team at Southern Fabrication Specialties has the knowledge and experience necessary to customize our frac tanks to fit the unique needs of our customers.

Some of the customization can include:

  • Gooseneck, axle mount and skid mount
  • Smooth wall or corrugated wall
  • Sealed top or open top
  • Double wall for extra spill protection.
  • Catwalks, platforms, handrails and tank to tank access
  • Multi compartment/ weir walls
  • Pumps, agitators, shakers, or mixing lines
  • Gas busters, flow back, flame arrestor connections
  • Level indicators, site glasses, heaters
  • Customized valves and piping and more



What makes frac tanks at Southern Fabrication Specialties unique?

At Southern Fabrication Specialties, our tanks are built to last. We offer high-quality frac tanks that come in sizes ranging from 50 bbls to 1200 bbls. Our tanks are designed for easy filling and draining, and all of our frac tanks are made out ¼” steel with a structural steel understructure.

Our tanks are lined with an epoxy liner to withstand the chemicals and corrosive liquids that they sometimes hold. We also have specialty liners available for even the toughest of applications. Plus, our exteriors are painted with a urethane paint to create years of durability without the risk of fading.

Not only can we customize our tanks, but we have the ability to produce several different types of tanks. These include:

  • V- bottoms
  • Round bottoms
  • Open tops
  • Skid mounted tanks
  • Double wall tanks
  • Gas busters
  • Acid tanks

Whatever the need, we’ve got you covered.

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