Trash Hoppers



Trash Hoppers/ Construction Hoppers

Southern Fabrication Specialties has designed trash hoppers at the request of construction companies who want to keep their employees safe, and also remain in compliance with OSHA requirements.

They are ideal for use by:

  • Multi- level construction sites
  • Roofing companies
  • Framing companies
  • Drywall contractors

Hoppers can also work for:

  • Refractory installers
  • Masons
  • Demolition crews
  • Tree trimmers
  • Agricultural industry

Trash hoppers can be attached to reach forklifts and/or extended boom lifts in order to move materials up and down and into hard to reach places.



These hoppers are attached to the forklift with fork pockets and a pin that secures behind each fork. It also has a chain that can be wrapped around the mast and guard. This allows the hopper to be dumped and keeps the hopper secured to the forks.



Our hoppers are built out of 3/16” thick metal. We corrugate the walls for extra strength. They are reinforced along the back wall for rigidity and for the chain attachment. They are built for strength and durability, and there are no flimsy walls on these hoppers.

The standard hopper was designed to stay within the DOT width requirements of 8’ 6” if it was hauled sitting sideways on a trailer.

We have also had customers that have requested to be able to handle full 8’ sheets of material, so we’ve built extra-large hoppers and added side pockets to accommodate loading for hauling on a trailer long way.





Trash Hoppers can help avoid OSHA violations like these:

Example: Two employees are working to unload materials in an unapproved fork mounted personnel work platform, using a jobsite made, wooden trash box supported by the forks but not attached to the forks of a rough terrain forklift. The trash box was then elevated to upper levels, at height of 10’ or higher, at an apartment building under construction. Doing this exposed the workers to the hazard of falling from a height of more than ten feet. Using a Southern Fabrication Specialties trash hopper could have helped avoid this violation.


To learn more, please contact us at:

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Please note: These hoppers are not approved to transport personnel.








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