Employee Spotlight: Fidencio (Lencho) Palacio, HSE Manager

Employee Spotlight

Fidencio (Lencho) Palacio, HSE Manager

In April of 2019, Southern Fabrication Specialties hired a new safety manager with one main goal in mind- to make the shop the safest environment possible for our employees. Within his first two years as HSE Manager, Fidencio (Lencho) Palacio, along with the shop employees, have reached an incredible milestone of one year without an OSHA recordable accident!

Lencho decided to join our team a little under two years ago. He came to us with an impressive resume, including 27 years of safety experience in commercial building and civil construction along with manufacturing, weary of traveling the country with construction crews, and ready to stay closer to home and family. In his interview, he was quiet and reserved until the subject of restoring old cars came up, and then his personality really shined through! We were thrilled when he accepted our position offer, and the rest, as they say, is history.

His goals for our facility were not small. In fact, they seemed completely out of reach at first. Having been in business for 8 years upon his arrival, a complete year without a recordable injury was something SFS had never before obtained. Lencho made it a known goal that he wanted the facility to be injury-free for a whole year within his first 2 years as a safety manager, and also included an accompanying goal of reducing the incident rate. By completing this year of zero accidents, our incident rate was subsequently cut in half.

Another immediate goal of Lencho’s was to revamp the safety training program and have all shop employees trained through the OSHA 10 hour course guidelines. As of last year, he completed this goal and delivered OSHA 10 training certificates to the shop.

Lencho’s approach to safety is unique because hands-on training and education is incredibly important to him. Making sure the employees understand their lives matter to everyone around them is his number one safety mantra. He says seeing the shop safety environment change among all employees and supervisors in the last two years to a strong teamwork atmosphere has been one of his most memorable moments so far at SFS.


As a company, we are very proud of the direction our safety program has taken under Lencho’s initiatives. We are looking forward to continuing this trend of safely producing the best-manufactured steel products possible.

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