How Our Chassis Support the Intermodal Industry

Our versatile chassis make intermodal freight transportation efficient and cost-effective by saving space and offering flexibility while moving cargo between the modes.

What is Intermodal Freight Transport?

In short, intermodal freight transport involves two or more modes of transportation being used while distributing goods. This method typically involves truck, rail, or ship and is used to move freight between modes without having to handle any of the cargo itself. Transporting cargo between modes without handling the cargo improves security, reduces damages and loss, and allows for faster transport- effectively reducing costs all around.

What Chassis Do

A chassis is a load-bearing mobile framework that can be hooked to a tractor truck and used to haul portable containers to and from different destinations. Because trucks are an integral part of intermodal transport, our team has been supporting this industry by providing chassis that are rigid and durable, ensuring that whatever you are hauling gets to its destination safely and securely. Without chassis, portable cargo containers would not be able to be transported by truck to their next mode of travel with the same level of ease and convenience.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team has the ability to build chassis that can meet your specific needs. Our chassis are proudly manufactured in the USA, built in Waxahachie, TX, in our 80,000 ft2 manufacturing facility.

We take great pride in the performance and reliability of our products. We fabricate the chassis and most subassemblies in-house. High-quality axles, suspensions, and landing gears come standard on all of our chassis. If you have a specific brand or model or component, we will happily accommodate your request. We strive to build the lightest yet strongest chassis to maximize our customers’ optimum payload potential.

We specialize in 20’ sliders, 40’ Gooseneck Standard tandem axles, and 40’ lightweight Gooseneck chassis. We can supply them in conventional spring or air ride suspensions or with tandem axles, tri axles, dual wheel, or super singles.

To improve performance and specific requirements, we can also add components including:

  • Lift axles
  • Disc brakes
  • Hub odometers
  • Tire inflation systems
  • Bolster assemblies
  • Bumpers
  • Channels
  • Landing gear brackets
  • Light hole plugs

All chassis suspensions, axles, and landing gears are torqued and inspected for proper alignment, and a three-step paint process protects our chassis to help them endure a harsh environment. We offer a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship, and a manufacturer’s warranty covers each component.

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