Repurposing Shipping Containers for Business and Personal Use

Shipping containers often referred to as storage containers, conex boxes, or sea containers can serve many different purposes outside of just shipping and storage. From design to build, our team has the ability to repurpose standard shipping containers to fit a wide variety of needs, including those for both business and personal use. This can be for things like:

Office Space

  • Job-site office space
  • Special event or sales office space
  • Security stations
  • Online order pick-up stations

Living Space

  • Shipping container homes

Emergency Response and Readiness

  • COVID-19 testing sites
  • Natural disaster assistance
  • Isolation units
  • Portable labs
  • Donation boxes

Training Facilities

  • Fire training modules

Storage Areas

  • Tool rooms and lockers
  • Equipment rooms
  • Storage sheds and more

Modification Options

Our modified portable storage containers are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, and we pride ourselves on offering ease of access, quality design, climate control, and plumbing as standard customizable options.

Check out each of the sections below to learn more about our different options for modified storage containers.


Doors and Openings: You may need doors added to your modified shipping container for a number of reasons. Our team can add personnel doors and roll up doors, and we can also add internal safety latches for cargo doors that create an emergency exit feature.

Our containers are designed to be stacked for a vertical expansion. We create new reinforced openings for easier access when connecting containers together to combine multiple units with unlimited floor plans. We can add interior and exterior stairs or ladders to ensure safe access to a higher level.  We can also add openings for equipment installations, donation chutes, pass throughs etc.

Windows: The standard window size on our portable storage containers is 30” x 27”, but we have the ability to add any size that you need. We can also add security windows and burglar bars, as necessary.


Paint: We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior paint options to satisfy your specific needs. Our quality and durable paint process ensures that your container is protected from environmental wear and tear and stays looking fresh long after it leaves our warehouse.

Flooring: Many containers already come standard with excellent flooring already inside. However, if you are looking for something different, we can paint over the existing floor with an epoxy paint and add non-slip texture and clear coat over that. We can also overlay the floor with industrial flooring or almost any other flooring material. We can replace or overlay the floor with metal flooring and create containment if necessary.

Wall Coverings: With a typical wood framing, we can use any type of paneling on the interior. In our portable offices, we are currently using 3/8” plywood laminated with HPDE sheeting. We can also use pre-insulated steel or aluminum wall and ceiling panels such as Kingspan KS series that do not require any framework.

Shelving, Office Equipment, Kitchen and Bath: We can add desks, counters, work surfaces, cabinets, data connections, sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs along with any combination of storage lockers or shelving.

Lighting: We typically use LED lighting, but we have the ability to use any type of lighting system including solar lighting. We can add lighting for your hydroponics or indoor farming facility, and we have also added camera systems and security systems for customers in the past.


Climate Control

HVAC Options: To create temperature-controlled storage units, we can add Bard units with above ceiling ducting, GE window units, PTAC wall units or Mini splits.

Ventilation Options: We can add roof vents, louvered wall vents, or any other system required.

Insulation Options: We can add 2” foam boards, R-15 fiberglass insulation, closed cell spray foam, or any combination of these. Standard office units have R17 floor insulation, R25 all insulation and R38 ceiling insulation.

Electrical Installation Options: We can do internal or external breaker boxes, and 3 phase or 240 volts depending on your needs. Our standard office containers are compliant with 2017 NEC, 2018 IBC, IMC, IPC, and IECC codes.



Plumbing Systems: Our team has built many office units with restrooms. We can use the Saniflo pumping systems or standard plumbing systems depending on your specific location and access to sewer. We can also plumb your container for any process such as hydroponics.


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Ready to Learn More?

At Southern Fabrication Specialties, the possibilities are endless when it comes to our modification options. If you can dream it, we can create it.

And, as an added benefit, if you are looking for a unit that is not only customizable but safe, secure, and resistant to damages caused by environmental and wildlife elements, then you have come to the right place.

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