Mobile Mission Test Units

When the testing facility needs to be as secure as a class-6 safe, world-wide deployable via a standard semi-tractor and C-5, and equipped with enough environmental control to operate in almost any climate, then you need an Mobile Mission Test Unit.  That’s exactly what Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs (ADP) “Skunk Works” Special Programs recently needed, and the team here at Southern Fabrication Specialties helped manufacture them two rugged, reconfigurable and secure units.

These units are highly technical and, as a result, required coordination with the client as well as numerous external vendors, fabricators and contractors, security checks and extensive QA/QC.

After the client received the original two Mobile Mission Test Units, they placed an order for two additional units.  All four MMTUs manufactured by Southern Fabrication Specialties were completed ahead of schedule and on budget.

The manufacturing time on these units, assuming same design and no modification, is 4-6 months.  Should you be interested in learning more about these Mobile Mission Test Units, please read our blog here.