Do you need to move materials from hard to reach places or have materials that need to be easily dumped?



At Southern Fabrication Specialties, our construction hoppers are used in a variety of industries, such as construction, warehousing, agriculture and for any other material handling businesses that need to process, dispose or relocate materials.

Southern Fabrication Specialties’ construction hoppers can be easily attached to most forklifts. Ideal for a worksite, our construction hoppers work well in multi-story building construction applications, as they can be attached to a telehandler and elevated to accept discarded materials or trash.

Our construction hoppers are constructed of 3/16” corrugated plate steel, making them stronger and more durable than our competitors.

We are proud to be able to offer solutions can that fit our customers’ specific goals and objectives. Do you have questions about how our trash hoppers can assist you at your job sites?  Please give us a call today to learn more. 



                             Check out our trash hoppers in action below!