Weathering the Storm: How Our Storm Shelters Take On Texas Weather

Why Do You Need a Storm Shelter?

While the risk of experiencing severe weather is present everywhere globally, when it comes to tornadoes, Texas is king. Located in the heart of Tornado Alley, Texas sees an average of 132 tornadoes each year. Though this number can vary, and certain areas are more susceptible to extreme weather than others, Texas sees more tornadoes than any other US state due in part to its large size.

Not only does Texas experience a large number of tornadoes annually, but the state also experiences strong seasonal hurricanes as well. The state of Texas comes in second place, trailing only Florida, as the most hurricane-prone state. Since 1850, at least 64 hurricanes have made landfall in Texas.

Because of this, it is imperative that Texas residents have a plan in place for when severe weather hits. Southern Fabrication Specialties builds safe rooms, or above-ground storm shelters, as a way to ensure that even you and your loved ones are safe during heavy winds, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Our facilities are centrally located in Waxahachie, TX, right outside of the Greater DFW area. This allows us to conveniently serve customers from all across the state who may have different reasons for purchasing a storm shelter.


What Are the Benefits of a Storm Shelter?

Besides sheltering you from natural disasters, our storm shelters can offer other benefits that underground shelters may not have. While a basement can certainly be the safest place to be during severe weather, not every home has a basement shelter. Not every person can easily access an underground shelter. Beyond that, storm shelters can solve issues for things like blocked exits, leaking water, ADA accessibility, and more. Please read below to learn more about our storm shelters.


Safety From Wind and Flying Debris

Our above-ground storm shelters can be installed in a garage, under a patio, or built into a new home structure. Our shelters are rigorously tested and are ICC 500 2014 and FEMA 361 compliant, meaning that they are anchored to reinforced concrete and will “resist uplift, overturning, and sliding forces”  during an extreme wind event. The ¼” corrugated steel walls are designed to protect you from any flying debris or impact from crushing events like falling buildings or trees.


Easy Exit

One problem with underground shelters is that, often times, there may only be one useable exit. If the exit is blocked due to flying debris, it may make escape temporarily unavailable. Our above-ground storm shelters allow for easy exit in the event of heavy winds and flying debris.


No Leaking Water

A general consensus about the downfall of basements is the potential risk of flooding. In the event of severe weather, there is a greater risk for heavy rainfall and water accumulation in a basement area. Our storm shelters can ensure that you don’t have to be stuck sitting somewhere with standing water or flooding.


No Need for Steps, Ladders, or Stairs

Put simply; stairs don’t work for everyone. Our above-ground storm shelters solve that problem.


Plenty of Air Flow

No need to worry about sitting in a small space and panicking about running out of air or sweating through your shirt. Our shelters come with plenty of airflow vents designed to prevent the direct impact of debris from the outside.

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